Best baby care products for 0-6 months old in 2022

Best baby care products for 0-6 months old in 2022

Best baby care products for 0-6 months old in 2022

When it comes to looking after your little one, there are tons of products out there. From baby diapers rash creams, and lotions to balms. Finding the right products can make your life a whole lot easier with your new addition. Deciding which product best suits your baby can sometimes be about trial and error. To make things easy for you, we have narrowed down the best baby care items to add to your cart.

The essentials 

You don’t have to stuff your cabinet with a lot of first aid items, just a few basic things your infant might need from time to time. A baby’s nose tends to get very stuffy so you will need something to clean the snot out of their nose. Unsurprisingly our top favourite pick is the award-winning nose Frida snot sucker for it's ease of use and simple design. 

You will also need to keep an over the counter infant paracetamol for unexpected pains and fever relief especially after they've paid a visit to their GP. We recommend the Calpol infant sugar-free and colour free paracetamol.

A compact breast pump

Say hello to Haakaa Silicone Breast Pump which is as wonderful as it’s convenient. The one-piece portable design makes it one of the best baby products out there.  The pump is made of a single piece of 100% silicon and provides an easy, leak-proof, and hassle-free pumping experience. It doesn’t need a battery, a cord, or, a charger. Just a single piece that doesn’t need assembly. Genius!

Cute bibs

We’re obsessed with this cute little silicon bib because it is dish washer safe, flexible, and have a wide catch pocket to collect crumbs. Also, it is great for catching spit-ups and drool. This silicon bib grows with your baby, it has 4 closures that can be used for different age groups and your baby won’t be able to pull it off. Say bye-bye to food and drool stains, and hello to clean babies!


Rash cream

Aveeno baby is famous for its baby care products. This barrier cream is very popular amongst new parents and for good reason. The unscented formula is ideal for newborns’ sensitive skin. The natural oatmeal and zinc oxide formula provides instant relief to your baby’s skin. Pediatrician & Dermatologist tested, intensely moisturizing and lightweight. Parents rave about how good it is for rashes and how soft it makes their baby's skin feel.

Baby teether

If your baby’s teeth are coming in, brace yourself you’re about to enter a new phase of fussiness. The matchstick monkey teether pulls double duty as a teething toy with textured bumps to apply teething gels to get to the source of pain quickly. 

The gentle massaging monkey head has textured bumps that are perfectly sized to soothe sore gums. And the cute ergonomic design is perfectly sized to give your little one something to securely hold on to as they bite down on the brush head.