How to clear your baby’s stuffy nose - The easy way!

How to clear your baby’s stuffy nose - The easy way!

How to clear your baby’s stuffy nose - The easy way!

How can you tell if your baby’s nose is clogged?

If your baby finds it difficult to feed, is irritable, has a noisy breathing sound, is snorting or breathing through his mouth instead of his nose- all this could be because of a stuffy nose. 

A very stuffy nose can cause troubled breathing, which can be a bit concerning. Babies don’t eat or sleep well when their nose is clogged.  There are several reasons why your baby’s nose could be stuffy. Here are the most common reasons behind a stuffy nose.

Their nasal passage is full of mucus

Older children and adults can simply blow out mucus but little ones can’t. That is why they need help to clear their nose

Their nose is tiny

Your newborn’s cute little button nose is really small. A little mucus can block the entire nasal passage which can lead to congestion. You can extract the mucus with a nasal aspirator.

Irritants in the air

Pollen, dust, pet dander, cigarette, smoke, and perfume can irritate the nasal passage. Make sure your baby is away from these irritants and is breathing good quality air.

They are not feeling well

Babies are very delicate, they are suspected of catching viruses especially if someone in the family has recently had a viral infection.

Infants are also prone to catching infections like RSV. A respiratory syncytial virus can cause your baby to have congestion, difficulty breathing, cough, fever, a disrupted feeding pattern, and irritability. A sick baby who is unable to breathe properly will not be able to feed properly and can easily get dehydrated. 

How to clear your baby’s stuffy nose- the easy way

Clearing your baby’s stuffed-up nose will make it easier for your little one to breathe. With a baby in the house, a medical cabinet must-have is a nasal aspirator. 

A nasal aspirator is a tiny tool, but it can provide sweet relief for your stuffy-nosed baby. They’re easier and more efficient to use than traditional bulb syringes. With the help of a nasal aspirator, you will be creating suction power with the help of your mouth - just prepare yourself for a few tears.

Clearing baby's blocked nose with manual nasal aspirator

Aspirators come with tubing and a mouthpiece attached to it. The other side of the side is attached to a syringe-like tube with a small open tip. The tube is placed in your baby’s little nostril while you suck on the other end of the tube. Aspirators come with disposable filters where the mucus is caught like the Nosefrida. Don’t worry the filter will prevent the mucus from making its way into your mouth.


Be warned that little ones may get pretty cranky when having the snot literally sucked, so be calming and reassuring while trying to get the job done as quickly as you can. 

You will see an improvement in your baby’s breathing, behaviour, feeding, and sleeping pattern as the aspirator gets all the gunk out. Sucking the snot out of your baby’s nose may seem odd at first, but once you get a hang of it, you will become a pro at snot sucking in no time!