What to do when your baby is teething

What to do when your baby is teething

What to do when your baby is teething

You've finally managed to make your baby sleep through the night and you naively think you've made it out of the most difficult phase of parenthood. 

But now your little one is cutting a tooth- argh! The word that causes every parent to shudder and have visions of sleepless nights with a cranky, drooling baby.

For your comfort and to help give you peace of mind we have put together a baby teething guide to help make sure your child’s teething experience is as comfortable as possible. Let’s jump right into it!

Common teething problems for babies


Use a clean washout to relive sore gums

Take a clean rag or wet cloth, and then place it in the freezer for 30 minutes. Make sure that the washcloth is free of strings and rips. Your little one can gnaw on it to help decrease inflammation. Parents can also use a wet cloth to massage the gums.


Keep a close eye on your baby while sucking or chewing on the washcloth, as this can be a choking hazard.

Offer chilled food

If your baby is already eating solid food, which usually occurs around 6 months. You can serve tasty snacks to soothe those sore gums such as chilled yogurt, applesauce, mashed bananas, strawberries, and other soft frozen fruits.


Give them a teething toy

If you have come this far, you have probably noticed that we are team ‘cold things’. Soothing your little ones’ inflamed gums with something cold helps ease teething pain to a great extent. 

Grab your baby’s favorite teething toy made out of silicon and place it in the freezer. Let it cool and then hand it to your baby.


Make sure you keep the teething toy clean. It’s best to choose a teething toy that is perfectly sized for little hands to hold. Always use an FDA-approved food-grade silicone teething toy that is BPA- free, non-toxic & environmentally friendly like this one:

Cold fluids

Cold water can provide relief to achy and sore gums for babies that are on solid food, typically, over 6 months old. You can also offer chilled water in a sippy cup


Offer a gum massage

Your sweet peas gums are sore and irritated which can explain the drool and fussiness. So when they are feeling extra fussy offer them one of the best teething remedies, a gentle gum massage.

Make sure you wash your hands thoroughly and use your fingers to rub your baby’s sore gums gently. 


Teething is one of those growing-up phases that most parents have a love and hate relationship with. Those little teeth cause teething symptoms that can affect a baby’s sleeping and eating routine but on the other hand it is super exciting to see your little love pop their pearly whites. 

Don’t forget to offer comfort to your darling in the form of kisses, cuddles, and a lot of patience.